Stevie in Bed - His Favorite Place To Be! Thank you for reading and sharing my bedtime storybooks. I am very proud of them. They are going to be epic! (I hope.) But as we all know,
Hope is NOT a Strategy. I so want to put an end to bullying. Giving young children kinder role models is my first real strategy. Getting them to feel great about themselves is another.

Introducing your kids to Stevie books also gives you another tool in your parenting toolbox when you say, "Now, what would Stevie do?" Just be mindful when you say, "It's Stevie time." They will likely hear, "It's TV time."

Putting your children to bed has never been easier. Reading my books to your children, especially at bedtime, is such a fun bonding experience--I promise. Kids everywhere should feel silly, happy & safe. The art is friendly and sweet. The quick, silly, rhyming cadence is meant to ease them into slumberland. Besides, all any parent hopes for, at bedtime, are happy thoughts. In the foreword of my companion coloring book, (My Favorite Place to Be) don't miss the author's true story meeting with Walt Disney...and Alice in Wonderland. The real one!

Wait a Minute! 1st Ed. Story Book - Stevie Tenderheart Wait a Minute! Coloring Book - Stevie Tenderheart My Favorite Place To Be 2nd Ed. - story book

You should know, my big dreams are to grow the Young Hearts Book Pledge; build
Camp Tenderheart (after making something of myself, of course) and landing a starring role in a Disney/Pixar movie about my life & adventures, or rather, my misadventures (eh, eh, eh). And yes, you can be in my posse and walk the red carpet with me if you want. I'll need an entourage. I'll text you.
A Change of Heart Changes Everything
In the meantime, thank you again for lighting up those social boards by sharing my books and leaving kind reviews on Amazon, Goodreads, Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter, etc., which will help others come to know this otherwise unknown, albeit charming, author of grand intentions. (Did you know he is also running for president? He is--for reals. He even got some votes last time. You might want to hold onto to his autograph to sell on eBay later. I'm just sayin'.) Wouldn't it be nice to have the president's ear?
My Favorite Place To Be 1st Ed. - story book My Favorite Place To Be coloring book
Together, with a little grace, we will make this world a better place:   One mom @ a time,   One child @ a time,   One page @ a time...

Bright Smiles, Happy Hearts, Always. With Fond Affection,

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