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The author & his 2 sons - Kyle and Chase The author and founder of the Kodel Group, LLC is the proud father of three sons, Adam, Chase and Kyle. Steve served his nation admirably completing his distinguished twenty-two year Air Force career on New Year's Eve, 1993. (America still celebrates his retirement anniversary with fireworks and a midnight countdown in Time Square-itís amazing!)

Born in Ashland, Oregon, he graduated from Marshfield High School in Coos Bay, where he enlisted in the USAF from Portland, Oregon. He earned his baccalaureate and MBA during his off-duty time (evenings and weekends)-it took 12 years. He was selected for an Air Force commission and served eight years as an officer, retiring at age 40 as a Captain.

His special duty assignments included three years with the Joint Chiefs of Staff at the Pentagon; five years with the Commander-in-Chief, Pacific (CINCPAC); two years as the Chief of Administration for the USAF Honor Guard (Wash DC) under President Ronald Reagan. His last assignment was in Korea where he served as the Operations Support Squadron Section Commander, supporting two F-16 Fighter Squadrons. He was awarded the Bronze Star Device for Desert Storm and won gold medals at Seoulís Olympic Park in the Shot Put and Javelin.

Steve was lauded as the "USAF Outstanding Administrator of the Year" and nominated for a White House Fellowship during the Clinton Administration.

The author's son, Adam (AKA Bo-Bo Kakers) He was invited annually to play Santa Claus & the Easter Bunny for base dependents. He helped build playgrounds in Wash DC; collect food for holiday food drives; volunteered with Child Help USA & the Cooper Home and at Special Olympics & Cystic Fibrosis events; was an Adult Literacy Tutor and coached base youth leadership programs (football, basketball, soccer volleyball, and t-ball).

He has been selected six times as a CBS semi-finalist for Big Brother and Survivor auditions is Seattle with hopes to one day gain a national platform to further his goodwill endeavors.

Steve founded the Kodel Group to pursue his philanthropic interests. He envisions a kinder world. To that end, he created the comic strip, Stevie Tenderheart which has now become a series of children's books, where he promotes his messages of "Try a Little Tenderness"; "A Change of Heart Changes Everything" and "Choose Integrity as your True North and You Will Never Get Lost."

Author - Steve Laible
Author - Steve Laible

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