Give the gift of a lifetime.

If your children LOVE Stevie Tenderheart books, they will go nuts when you surprise them with a Stevie Doll. Some kids jump up and down while screaming with excitement while others cry quiet tears of happiness as they hold close and snuggle tight their new BFF.

STEVIE TENDERHEART DOLLS create lifelong memories for small children. In this crazy world, giving them something to hold onto and love is especially important.

Stevie dolls are destined to be treasured keepsakes and collectibles. Truly lovable at 24" Stevie dolls are designed with fond affection for ALL children.

Stevie has an adorable embroidered face, soft and cuddly, handmade in OREGON, USA by our talented dollmakers who painstakingly put their hearts into every stitch.

[Did you catch that?] "HANDMADE" ... in the "USA!"

Amazing right!? America First, Quality First, and jobs first beats China Cheap anytime ... right? (That's just how we roll.)

100% New Materials. Poly-fill, Cotton, Muslin.
(Pajama design may vary. Size 0-3M fits nicely.)

Dolls ARE NOT mass produced but created on demand especially for your child.

There may be a six-nine week waiting list during holiday seasons. Ordering now places you in the scheduling queue.
(FIFO) First in, first out.

Option: You may consider buying the embroidered Stevie doll face (See FUN STUFF) and making the doll yourself if time constraints exist beyond your ideal gift giving date.


It's about time a NEW DOLL came onto the scene!

Imagine if you had one of the first Barbies, G.I. Joe's, Raggedy's, Cabbage Patch, etc.

So what's it like owning a Stevie Tenderheart Collectible Doll--Priceless!

The Stevie doll is an essential complement to the Stevie Tenderheart bedtime storybooks!

Your child will love Stevie. Guaranteed!