The Reader Awards

In the spirit of crowdfunding, endeavoring to fund Camp Tenderheart,
the publisher of Stevie Tenderheart books wishes to celebrate the one millionth purchases for all three formats: Printed books, eBooks and Audiobooks, by making a modest philanthropic gesture of thanks.

Eligible Books
1. Stevie Tenderheart My Favorite Place to Be (A Bedtime Story) in print, eBooks and Audiobooks.
2. Stevie Tenderheart My Favorite Place to Be (A Bedtime Story) 2nd Edition in print, eBooks.
3. Companion Coloring Book of the same title (printed book only).
4. WAIT A MINUTE! in print, eBooks and Audiobooks.
5. Companion Coloring Book of the same title in printed book only).

Note: Companion coloring books are only available as printed books.

Both Individuals & Organizations are eligible.
In the event an organization is deemed a First Millionth Reader,
a cash gift of $25,000 will be paid to the organization.

To learn more about the authors vision for Camp Tenderheart,
return to the homepage clicking on the Philanthropy tab.
Children of the world will be welcomed to Camp Tenderheart
at no cost to families, whenever and wherever possible.

The ten (10) individuals who are identified as the millionth customer purchases in each format for the named Stevie books will receive a five day, all expenses paid vacation, up to $15,000, including airfare, to the destination resort or cruise of their choice plus a cash gift of $15,000. First Millionth Readers may opt out of their trip receiving instead, a cash value of $10,000 for a total cash gift of $25,000. Maximum collective cash payout for the ten (10) First Millionth Readers is $250,000 & $300,000 (vacation acceptances) respectively.

All eligible gift taxes will be paid by the publisher.
No returns on purchases. Void where prohibited. No limit on the number of purchases. This is not a contest.
The publisher is simply recognizing, rewarding, celebrating and announcing
the One Millionth Customer Purchases, per format, per category.

Stevie Tenderheart Books, eBooks and Audiobooks must be purchased from, Amazon Global,, or

Publishers crowdfunding offer begins at kickoff on Super Bowl LI Sunday (USA) February 5th 2017
remaining in effect for worldwide readership participation where access to our publishing partners is possible
until all ten (10) First Million Readers are identified and celebrated.

First Millionth Readers will be enshrined at Camp Tenderheart.
Namely, buildings, halls, gardens, grounds, facilities, alleyways, parks, paths, trails, cabins,
lakes, streams, docks, sports complexes, courts, gymnasiums, etc., will bear their names & countries.

Results are final.
All disputes or challenges settled through arbitration at the expense of the petitioner.
Customers must be of legal age with a valid credit, debit or gift card to make online purchases.
First Millionth Reader original ordering invoice will be date stamped verified by the publisher
(The Kodel Group, LLC) and the aforementioned selling partners before Awards are announced or disbursements made. First Millionth Readers are eligible for awards in all formats and will be announced on social media by name, city and country only, after first being notified by the publisher in writing.

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Help accelerate our vision. Network Loudly.
Together, with a little grace, we will make this world a better place.

Whatever character you give your children shall be their future.

All Roads Lead to Camp Tenderheart.

Bright Smiles, Happy Hearts, Always,
Love Stevie (s/ox)