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This special 24" Stevie Tenderheart Doll is affectionately assembled without symbolic hair and is meant to be sent to those especially beautiful children who have captured our hearts with their moxie, bravery, hope and smiles.

Handmade in Oregon, USA, our doll makers are uplifted each time one of these dolls are made as they know it will give such joy to the little girl or boy receiving it. Having something to hold on to and love during times of triumph is so encouraging and gratifying.

If you don't have a specific child in mind, please allow us to donate a Brave Stevie doll on your behalf to a children's hospital or family in your city/state.

Kids love their Stevie dolls for a lifetime!

You also have the option of making a donation (See Fun Stuff - Gift Pledges). Your gift brightens the lives of children you'll never meet.

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