Licensing Stevie Logo

click for an even bigger image THE BIG PICTURE: Stevie Tenderheart's image is available for licensing, branding, spokesman, PSA, Burger King, Smile Train, ice cream products, flags, banners, apparel (shirts, pants, shorts, caps, hats, socks, shoes, coats, gloves, etc.), cereal, crackers, snacks, chips, drinks, bedding (sheets, pillows, pillow cases, pjs, underpants, slippers), night lights, posters, band-aids, mouth wash, tooth brushes, towels, stuffed animals, candy, candy bars, gum, greeting cards, board games, baby birth books, silverware, bowls, plates, cups, sporting apparel, equipment, bats, gloves, balls, events, lunch bags, backpacks, etc.

Pricing is not fixed and is negotiable for Stevie Tenderheart branding, endorsement, licensing for your products locally, nationally.

All requests must be approved by our Board. Please make your inquiries/presentation.