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Book Reviews - Stevie Tenderheart Storybook

"Remarkably adorable! First-time children's author, Steve Laible, writes an enchanting, heartwarming storybook here. It is kind, a little magical and tenderhearted; perfect for young minds at bedtime. His illustrator, Nancy Watson, captures the one-page adventures marvelously in vivid color and detail. This is a must have for your child's library. You will hear them giggle…This is, 'Leave it to Beaver' meets 'Dr. Seuss'. Well done."

Thomas Kooler, London -Amazon Book Review

"This unique bedtime story will put you and your children to sleep."
(It's that good!)

Dr. Lori Von Crinkles-Stokes,
Lecturer, Brown University

"This is a cute, adorable bedtime story that is sure to capture your child's imagination—night after night. The "expressions" are spot on, the illustrations Disneyesque."

Phyllis 'Auntie Mae' Livingston, Ph.D.
Child Psychologist, Author

"This author comes out of nowhere and writes a classic his first time out. Such a wonderful, imaginative journey filling the hearts and minds of children with happy thoughts at bedtime ZZZzzzzzzzzzzz."

Addison Brinkley,
NY Times Bestselling Author

"Reading the 'same book' to your child, night after night, must be fun for you too. It accomplishes that."

Kail Harbick, Actress, Model, BB8
Owner, HolidayFarmResort.com

"Hypnotic. I could hardly keep my one good eye open."

Jacque Quincy Sparrow,
Profiteer (Retired)

"All 44 of our kids love this bedtime story. It's a pure knockout!"

Martha "Shoe" Hubbard&Papa "John Boy" Forman, Jr.
Owners, Walton's Pee-Wee Blueridge Boxing Camp

"What a fresh, delightful bedtime story with a great message."

Carmen 'Kippie' Longstocking, RD LD
Harvard School of Nutrition
UC Davis Alum

"The torch has been passed."

The Honorable Dr. William Gerald Seuss, Jr.