Limited Production
Only 101 Dolls Worldwide

Stevie Tenderheart Signature Collection Dolls
Handmade in the USA to benefit The Stevie Tenderheart Ranch Camp Reserve Project,
affectionately known as Camp Tenderheart.

These philanthropic collectible dolls are so cute and lovable you'd think they were dipped in handsome sauce or something. This is a highly exclusive limited production offering. (Numbered & Signed.)

These 24" Stevie Tenderheart Signature Collection dolls have an adorable embroidered face with dashing good looks and bright eyes that will capture your heart. They will serve as young knights and beacons of light and hope watching over all children in the four corners of the world. Just having Stevie posted around the world will make us all feel better. Each doll is handmade in Josephine County, Oregon, USA by our talented doll makers. Dressed in flannel pj’s Stevie is always ready for bed, as that is his favorite place to be, but he also has a daytime ensemble featuring "A Change of Heart Changes Everything" t-shirt and jeans or shorts. 100% New Materials. Poly-fill, Cotton, Muslin, Flannel. His face is embroidered with a multi-thousand thread count from the most rarest and precious of exquisite silk fibers known to mankind, giving life to his grin, a sparkle in his eyes and light in his soul.

This Gold Label limited edition doll series has a "Certificate of Authenticity" with a raised notary seal and signatures of the doll maker and the Stevie Tenderheart author, creator and visionary; dolls are secretly embossed for originality & numerical authenticity; and are embedded with a tracking chip and serial number.

A specially designed and uniquely crafted Stevie Tenderheart diamond bracelet or watch is also included with your generous philanthropic contribution. Moreover, annual events/programs, halls, wings, buildings, performing arts center, facilities, gymnasium, special recognition awards, etc., will bear your name in honor of your dedicated and devoted support for the world renowned Stevie Tenderheart Ranch Camp Reserve Project, affectionately known as Camp Tenderheart.

Doll Number Price Availability
#000000 $5M Available
#000001 $5M Available

Doll Number Price Availability
#000002 – 000015 $1M  2-15 Available
#000016 – 000025 $500k 16-25 Available
#000026 – 000050 $100k 26-50 Available

Doll Number Price Availability
#000051 – 000075 $50k 51-75 Available
#000076 – 000099 $25k 76-99 Available

Doll Number Price Availability
#000100 $5M Available

All transactions are processed through escrow in the State of Oregon. Funding and delivery arrangements made prior to closing documents. Sold in numerical sequence per category, based on date escrow opens/funds/closes. Ten percent of purchase price required to open escrow, balance due at closing. All fees paid by The Kodel Group, LLC.

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