Camp Tenderheart

Our ambitious vision for the Stevie Tenderheart Ranch Camp Reserve is to build a world-class facility for all children of the world between the ages of 5-15 no matter what their station in life, at little or no costs to families.
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Our mission is to focus children on what it means to have integrity-to do the right thing even when no one is looking-that a single handshake is their bond, their character, and their honor.

We believe "integrity" is the single core value component necessary to empower children to rise above the impulsive, destructive distractions of youth here in America (graffiti, bullying, experimentation & reckless behavior). Using integrity as this cornerstone enrichment value, we will help build their character & inspire them to "Think Beyond the Act"-to ferret out the consequences of their actions on their own and perhaps even more importantly, get them to recognize the unintended consequences of their actions-to see the big picture as it were.

Children will meet amazing and incredible people who are living out their dreams. From astronauts to farmers, fireman to poets, chefs to cowboys; from cartoonists to diplomats (these are not always mutually exclusive you know). Year after year, children will experience special and unique opportunities of a lifetime.

Our leadership and mentoring programs will instill self-confidence and self-discipline through lessons, tours, teamwork, games and chores. This will be a safe place for children to discover themselves, others and nature. It will also be fun: from tossing a cow pie to eating a bug; from learning to hit a golf ball to chasing a chicken or riding a donkey or playing a didgeridoo, children will get a firsthand look at something other than video games, gangs, empty snacks or painful isolation.

Children will actually learn how to cultivate social relationships; learn about the arts and sciences in exciting ways-from panning for gold to making a baked Alaskan; and yes, baking is a science. We will even teach them how to balance a checkbook. (Is age 5 too early?) Hardly.

From sitting at the controls of a bone-yard cockpit, locomotive, tug boat, race car, etc., children will have the time to dream. Imaginations are a terrible thing to waste. From home economics to shop classes (remember those), kids will learn the basics again-manners, politeness and respect for themselves, property, nature and others.

Our self-reliant programs will balance choices with consequences and compassion. We will give them a taste of how life can be, given the right choices.

We need to listen to our children and become better stewards of their world.

A Change of Heart Changes Everything

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