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This is the 2nd in the Stevie Tenderheart series.

International bestselling Author, Steve William Laible has done it again. This is a most charming book. It is fun and filled with kindness. Children will giggle and even talk to Stevie as you read it to them. It's very engaging.

The author continues the theme of Stevie's bed being his Favorite Place to Be! This time, instead of Stevie taking his bed everywhere he goes, he finds it more appealing to fill his bed with all of his favorite things. You won't believe what those things are.

This bedtime storybook will delight both children and adults. Laughter and giggles are guaranteed. Kids in our focus groups have LOVED this character over the years and this story duplicates the joy.

The illustrations are wonderful and cheerful. The illustrator, Nancy Watson, outdoes herself with spectacular imagery, capturing the story perfectly and introducing Stevie to the world...yet again!

Ages 3-8. This bedtime storybook is destined to become an instant classic. It can be read to children as early as age 2. As they grow older and learn to read themselves, they will be reading their own bedtime story. It's a darling read.

Stevie has a real knack with his cadence and can put any kid on the planet to sleep with just one read. (Yeah, it's that good!) Parents love that!
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This is the companion coloring book to the bedtime storybook of the same name, Stevie Tenderheart WAIT A MINUTE! There are two pages for each storybook illustration just waiting to be colorized.

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2nd Edition - MY FAVORITE PLACE TO BE...(A Bedtime Story) -- $8.95

This is the updated and very clever 2nd edition of the ever-popular Stevie Tenderheart book of the same name. Guaranteed to plant smiles and giggles in your ears as you read to your children.

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MY FAVORITE PLACE TO BE...(A Bedtime Story) -- $12.95

A kind, lighthearted story of a little boy who simply loves his bed and wishes he could take it everywhere he goes. Beautifully illustrated and destined to be a children’s classic, this bedtime story is a wonderful addition to your child's library—Think "Leave it to Beaver" meets "Dr. Seuss." This book was written to be read aloud. The cadence and rhyming are fun. You will enjoy reading it as much as your children will enjoy hearing it. The text is large and clear; the story, charming and adventurous and the art (vivid and detailed) is fascinating for children. Many animals with cute faces are used in this story which makes it even more adorable. Buy Online

STEVIE TENDERHEART COLORING BOOK – (My Favorite Place to Be) -- $5.99

This is the companion book to the bedtime story of the same name. This coloring book can be shared because there are two pages for each illustration. (40 illustrations) In the Foreword, the author recalls his first meeting with Walt Disney.

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