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Together, with a little grace, we will make this world a better, kinder, safer place.  #TheGlobalKindessInitiative 


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Stevie Tenderheart Books

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Thank you for reading and sharing my bedtime storybooks with your children or grandchildren as the case may be-- 

I am very proud of them. They are going to be epic! 


I want to put an end to bullying. Giving young children kinder role models is my first real strategy. Getting them to feel great about themselves is another. 

Introducing your kids to Stevie books also gives you another tool in your parenting toolbox when you say, "What Would Stevie Do?" 

Putting your children to bed has never been easier. Just be mindful when you say, "It's Stevie time." They will likely hear, "It's TV time." 

Reading my books to your children, especially at bedtime, is such a fun bonding experience for you both--I promise. 

Kids everywhere should feel silly, happy & safe, especially at bedtime.  Cozy is a given with the fascinating illustrations.


The art is vivid, friendly and sweet. The quick rhyming cadence is meant to ease them into slumberland. Besides, all any parent hopes for, at bedtime, are happy thoughts. 

In the Foreword of the red companion coloring book,

(My Favorite Place to Be) don't miss the author's true story encounter  with Walt Disney and Alice in Wonderland. The real one!   She kissed him.

Through the sale of Stevie Tenderheart books & Stevie merchandise it is my hope to one day build Camp Tenderheart. See my vision on Camp Tenderheart page.